#WCW: Poster girl and Zambia’s Top Model 2015, Christina Sakala

Published in Entertainment | Wednesday, 27 January 2016
#WCW: Poster girl and Zambia’s Top Model 2015, Christina Sakala Fortress Media

Christina Sakala was a semi-finalist at the “Top Model of The World 2015” finals held in Egypt a few months ago, so she is literally one of the most beautiful women in the world, and she’s the PTL #WomanCrush of the Week.

Was modeling something you always wanted to do
For me, I grew up a tomboy. Hard to believe, right?  [Laughs] So in all honesty I didn't see myself doing this. My siblings still tease me about that. Funny story hey, I was actually tricked into going to my first audition by a friend and it's been uphill from there.

Congratulations on being a semi-finalist at the recent Top Model of the World pageant. Describe the experience of going to Egypt to compete and being considered one of the most beautiful people in the world.
Aww, thank you so much. For starters, that was my first competition and boy was it an experience. I met so many beautiful people both inside and out.  The few people that knew it was my first time really helped grow me and prepare me for the finals.  The competition was extremely tough and I'm so grateful to even get to top 15 considering they were 78 gorgeous ladies from all around the world.  It was truly a humbling experience. For me, I know 100% that it was God at work. 

How’s Law School treating you?
Tjo Tjo Tjo!!! I want to lie and say it's great. [Luahgs] It's not easy guys. Law school is really demanding, and so is modeling. So to try and juggle the two has been tough, but I’m pulling through.  I would advise people out there to finish one thing (school first) before giving it your all at another.

So few models have the consistency and staying power, you seemed to have figured it out so early in your career. Do you see yourself ultimately evolving from model to business woman?
[Laughs] Of course I do. I mean, come on guys. Modeling is all about appearance.  I'm not getting any younger *flicks grey hair * [Laughs]. No seriously though, there will always be someone hotter and younger than you. This carter has a time frame. My looks will fade. My body will change but if I keep feeding my mind now (school) it will remain with me and only get better. So to answer your question yes I do see myself evolving.  Who knows I might just own a modeling agency one day. 

Who are your favorite Zambian designers?
That's such a tough question.  I don't think you have enough time for the answer. I have so many favorites: Debbie Chu, Chiza (Esnoko),Charity Nyirongo, Christina (Kamanga wear), Nektaria Donta…wow, ok you know what let me stop here. Overall I love what all the designers are doing. It's truly amazing and inspiring. 

Who are your favorite international designers?
Hahahaha. This one is easier seeing as I won't bump into any in the super market anytime soon: Karl Lagerfeld, Giorgio Armani, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana  (D&G), Roberto Cavalli.....ok wait… even this list is endless [laughs].

Certain local designers are gradually making an impact and leaving their mark in the Zambian fashion industry. What would you say is the reason there more foreign clothing brands in local stores than Zambian ones?
To begin with I would like to commend and applaud these designers. To set your mark anywhere is not an easy task. The entire fashion industry in Zambia has come such a long way and grown so much. So kudos to that. I believe it's all a matter of time really. We are moving in the right direction so far. 

What current fashion trend are you feeling at the moment?
Mmmm, this is a tricky one. I want to say Yeezys, just for the sake of being cool and going with what everyone is feeling, but tjo those shoes...They just don't do it for me hey [Laughs] *Runs to take cover while waiting to be harassed by Kanye.* Let me get back to you on that one. 

How would you describe your style?
Do I even have a particular style? I just like to look good. You know, look good feel good! I'll wear what fits right and what I'm feeling according to my mood. Sometimes I want to be a girly girl and other days I want to put on sweat pants,  a loose tee and some sneakers and other days I want to feel like Marilyn Monroe, all sultry and what not. It really just depends in my mood.

Who’s your celebrity crush?
The Hemsworth brothers.  Those two...mamamama. The good Lord took his time.

What’s your most embarrassing modeling moment?
I've never fallen. I hope I never do. So that's a little tricky. I think if I had that would be it. So for now I'm good in that [laughs].

Describe your perfect date?
Chilling at home on the couch, watching movies with my feet up, eating Nandos. That takes the cup. I'm a minimalist.

What is your goal with modeling, what is the ultimate that you want to achieve? 
Vogue better be ready for me to be on that cover [winks]. Also, I want to walk at Milan fashion week and Paris fashion week. I would give my life to Christ all over again [laughs].

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