#WCW: singer Shadaya. Pretty brown eyes. Or more accurately: Pretty. Brown. EYES!!!

Published in Entertainment | Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Yes, those eyes belong to singer Shadia Zaher (currently Shadaya), the newest member of Transblast Entertainment. PushThatLife got to chat the Shadaya, about her music, interests, and her celebrity crush. Shadaya is the #PTL #WomanCrush of the Week.

You're new on the scene. Give us a little background into Shadaya.
I'm signed to Transblasts Entertainment. I started when I was 14 at school but I was still shy and scared so my voice wasn't out that much. The only song of mine that made noise was with “Oxygen” with Peterson.

What was the moment that occurred to convinced you to take music seriously?
When Transblasts signed me. I had stopped my music career for 2 years and then Transblasts came in and offered me an amazing opportunity.

Who was your favorite singer/ group growing up
Definitely Rihanna. Always RiRi [laughs].

Your song "Deadline" featuring Mic Burner, that’s a hit.
Thanks so much.

Is the pressure off when you're in the studio putting music together, or are you aware of the competition out there and actively try to squash them?
Okay, so first of all, I never try to compete. I mean, I have competition, yes, but I never ever look at anyone as a threat.

How would you describe your sound?
My sound is very hip-hop and RnB, with a bit of dance-hall that I like to squeeze in here and there.

What 3 songs are you feeling at the moment?
“Nobody’s Better” - Z featuring Fetty Wap. “Deadline” - Shadaya featuring Mic Burner [laughs]. And my favorite, “Man Down” – Rihanna.

Who’s your celebrity crush?
I don't really have a celebrity crush to be honest. Although, I do think Chris brown is hot AF on stage.

How can a guy win you over?
The only way a guy can win me over is if he's FUNNY! And obviously his looks are a bonus! However, he must be funny without even trying. More like genetically funny if that makes sense.

Describe your “perfect date”.
My perfect date definitely has to be something to do with roses! I’m a sucker for roses, a little olden day, hopeless romantic, but old is gold right?

Tell us something about you that few people know.
Hmm...okay. I had to like pause for a little while because this is quite a tough question…Okay, found something! (That was after 5 minutes of intense thinking). I am definitely not the girl you see in my photos! I'm crazy. I do weird things which only my cousins and sister can confirm.

What’s your favorite feature?
Definitely my legs. I love long legs! If I could have Kendall Jenner’s legs I'd take selfies of those instead.

What's next for Shadaya?
There’s only one thing I'm looking forward to right now and that's my new song titled 'Breakaway'! I've been doing little demos here and there for my family and have literally made some of my family members cry. Knowing that it will relate to so many people and touch their souls too is what I'm trying to get at, or we, as Transblasts, are trying to get at. It will be released on the 14th of Feb, there's a reason as to why it will be released on that date [winks] so stay tuned!

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