How Badman Shapi Stole The Show In Urban Hype’s Paloma Remix Video

Published in Music | Saturday, 23 September 2017
How Badman Shapi Stole The Show In Urban Hype’s Paloma Remix Video Youtube

The video to the remix of Paloma by Urban Hype is silly on purpose and that’s what makes it brilliant. The song has the guys professing their deep rooted emotions for a lady named Paloma whom in the video is played by Kenyan beauty Bahati Nzuri. She really brings the character to life as she is meant to be the high class, independent lady that has her own house, car and of course four man servants.

The four man servants are played by the members of Urban Hype and the man that features on the song Kagwe Mungai from Kenya who actually delivers a decent verse on the song. The other verses all remain the same as the original that just had the Urban Hype crew.

In the video, all the guys are day dreaming about the love interest, F Jay has a nice chill out session with her, Kagwe takes a sweet stroll, A Jay plays hide and seek, they all play their roles decently but Badman Shapi is on a whole other level, he is the man handling the kitchen utensils where he cooks up an impressive performance.

He’s washing veggies, chopping up tomatoes and carrots, preparing that meal he knows will get him through the door, or at least he hopes so. She walks in and his day dream begins. She gives him a hug, he feeds her a sliced piece of carrot and they trade a few words.

His day dream is so strong that he decides to take matters into his own hands.

But things don’t work out too well for him. He’s definitely getting fired! 

His reaction is priceless! 

Shapi must have taken Hitch’ advice to heart

Badman Shapi steals the show with his unintentionally comical facial expressions and antics, especially this moment when "Paloma" walks into the kitchen then he turns to see who it is, when he finds out its her, his eyes start glowing! He really likes this girl.

Perfect as a meme too.

At the end of it all, Shapi concludes his gold medal worthy performance by dropping his tools. Swag!