Watch the latest episode from Plus-Size-Is-Me: #LessonsFromMyEx

Published in Lifestyle | Monday, 08 May 2017
Watch the latest episode from Plus-Size-Is-Me: #LessonsFromMyEx Plus-Size-Is-Me

The ladies from Plus-Size-Is-Me talk about past experiences (good and bad) thanks to exes.

Notable Quotes:

“I felt exposed the first time I undress in front of my boyfriend, and he told me to get over myself”

“I learned from my ex that it's a girlfriend’s duty to be mad at his ex for him, but it's also a girlfriend’s duty to take lessons from his ex's mistakes”

“There was a lot of emotional abuse, at the time I wasn't strong enough to leave. But today, after all of that, I've learned to be more aware of myself. You can change and make a difference. And if you look at me now no-one would know I came from an abusive relationship”.

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